Hog Roast and BBQ Services

A Leeder Hog Roasts offer a full hog roast service and barbecue, so you can relax and let us do the cooking!


What can we offer?

We can supply a basic package from simply carving the hog onto plates to our full package of hog roast served in rolls with stuffing and apple sauce. We include a chef/carver and serving staff in all of our packages making a hog roast ideal for your special occasion be it a wedding, christening, birthday or corporate event.


How does it work?

Our roasts are cooked on a modern stainless steel spitting pig hog roast machine providing a safe, clean way to cook your hog and get great crackling.

We come equipped with our own gazebo, serving tables and tablecloths, all we will require from you is a power supply to power our lights and equipment. To cook a full size pig will take 6-7 hours, we will start the cooking process at our premises arriving at your event a couple of hours before serving to set up and finish the cooking process. Barbecues obviously require a shorter cooking time.


Contact us on 01787 210267 for pricing and availability.
We look forward to catering your event.